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Buy children’s clothes

Are you looking for clothes for your child? For that you have come to the right place at DJSA Fashion. You will find boys ‘clothing, girls’ clothing and unisex children’s clothing with us. So there is something for everyone. Do you find it difficult to purchase children’s clothing? Below you will also find a number of tips for buying nice clothes for children.

Boys clothing

Are you looking for clothes for your cool son? We have all kinds of clothing from jackets to pants and shoes.


With boys you are looking for a balance between practical and tough. You want a warm functional jacket that is also suitable for playing in the garden or on the schoolyard. At DJSA Fashion you will find suitable jackets for boys.

Sweaters and shirts

Sweaters and shirts for children come in all shapes, sizes and colors. So there is something for every occasion. Whether a bit neater or just nice and playful. There are sweaters and shirts for school and there are items to play with outside. But they have one thing in common: all items are made to keep your child nice and warm.


Does your son need new pants? There are various pants available from sporty to cool. Or pants in which he can relax. Our pants for boys are available in various colors and prints. This way, there is something fun for every boy.


An important item for boys is their shoes. Feet grow quickly, so children regularly need new shoes. At DJSA Fashion you will find various types of boys’ shoes in different colors. This way you can be sure that there is also a nice pair of shoes for your cool boy.

Clothes for girls

Does your daughter need new clothes? Not strange! After all, children grow quickly and they play a lot, which wears out clothes. No problem, because at DJSA Fashion you will find all kinds of clothes for girls.


Each item can be found in different styles, including jackets for girls. There are real girly jackets in pink or other cheerful colors and prints. Or how about a cool baseball jacket or a cute fur jacket? There is a warm jacket for every season.

Sweaters and shirts

You can go in all directions with sweaters and shirts. Are you looking for a top for your girl? Go for items that you can easily combine with a nice jeans, dress or skirt. This way you decide for yourself which look you want to give with a sweater or shirt. With a pair of pants you create a cool look. And do you combine the sweater or shirt with the dresses and skirts? These provide a more girly look.

Dresses and skirts

Dresses and skirts look very cute on small children. At DJSA Fashion you will find various models and styles of dresses and skirts for girls. There are striking colored dresses and skirts with cool prints. The advantage is: your girl always looks nice in a dress or skirt and it is also comfortable.


Pants for girls also come in a lot of different styles. But the most important thing is of course that it is good and comfortable. For girly girls we have pants in cute prints and for the tough girls there are cool jeans. Or how about a hip look with flared bottoms? And are you looking for pants in your daughter’s favorite color? You will also find these in our shop.


Does your little girl need new shoes? The shoes complete a girl’s outfit. If you go for shoes in a standard color, they will match almost any outfit. And are you doing your little girl a favor? Then you go for striking children’s shoes with bright colors, a cheerful print or glitter.

Unisex clothing for children

In addition to clothing that is specially made for boys or girls, you will also find unisex clothing for children at DJSA Fashion. These are items that are made in a neutral style, so that they can be worn by boys and girls. Think of basic sweaters, nice jeans and simple shoes.

Tips for buying children’s clothes

Buying children’s clothing is not always easy. Perhaps your child has a will of its own and wants to decide for himself which clothes he or she wants to wear. And in addition, children also grow very quickly. That is why we give you a few tips for buying children’s clothing on how you can shop specifically up to which size you can buy best.

Make a list

Make sure you know what items you really need for your little one. There is a lot of fun for children to find, so you are quickly tempted to come up with items that you may not need at all. Save money by making a list and doing targeted shopping.

Shop online

Children do not always feel like shopping and adjusting. It can therefore be useful to shop online so that you can fit and compare at home. This prevents a lot of stress in the store and you don’t have to go to all the stores to shop for an entire outfit. Moreover, you can choose the items online yourself and you will not be influenced by the opinion of your little one. In addition, you can easily return the items that do not fit and you will just get your money back.

Know what you are spending your money on

Make sure you know what you are spending your money on. There are a lot of basic items that are handy to have for your child, such as cardigans, leggings and shirts with long sleeves. These do not necessarily have to be from very expensive brands. This allows you to spend your remaining money on nice, eye-catching or trendy items from special brands. After all, maintaining a child costs enough money. 😉

Have a supply

Children are very good at making clothes dirty. As a baby by drooling or messing with food. And as an older child by playing outside. It is therefore useful to have sufficient stock in clothing. That way you always have something clean on hand. In addition, it is good to think about how you can combine clothes in a smart way. You can wear shirts with short sleeves by having enough cardigans.

Go for practicality

There is a huge amount of children’s clothing that is actually not comfortable for your little one. A child must be able to play and move freely. Pay attention to this when purchasing new items. Moreover, it is also useful for parents when you can easily put on and take off clothes, for example when changing diapers.

Do not throw away clothes

Do you dream of several children? Don’t throw away the children’s clothes that no longer fit your little one! A lot of clothes can be worn unisex. Especially if you take it into account and provide a number of beautiful basic items. This prevents even more large investments in the future. In addition, you may also know other parents with whom you can exchange clothes. This way everyone can enjoy beautiful children’s clothing even longer.

Frequently asked questions about purchasing clothes for kids

When shopping for clothes, a number of questions always arise. We have listed the most frequently asked questions for you.

Which clothes for children are trendy?

On the internet you can find everything about what trends there are in the field of clothing. We think it is especially important that you and your child are happy in the clothes they wear. But in general, you can assume that what is sold in the store is also in line with current trends. Furthermore, we find it especially important that we sell good quality clothing.

How do I know which size to wear for my child?

There are different types of sizing for children. We use the normal European sizes and we also work with ages. For example, we indicate per item for which age it is suitable. If you know whether your little one matches the sizes for the average age, then you can be sure that you are in the right place. Uncertain about the size? Then you would rather buy your clothes a bit too big than too small. This way you prevent your child from growing out of that cool outfit in no time. Moreover, you can simply return inappropriate clothing.

How can I order?

You can easily order via our webshop by pressing “in shopping cart” next to the article. When you have all the desired items in your shopping cart, go to your shopping cart. There you can click through to order. You enter your details and choose the desired payment method. As soon as you have paid and confirmed, we will get to work for you.

Are you taking a look at all our children’s clothing?

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