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Suits and Blazers



Clothing for men

Clothes make the man. At DJSA Fashion you will find all kinds of men’s fashion, matching the latest trends. From shirts to suits and shoes. This way you can shop your entire outfit at one store. Nice and easy right?


A shirt should not be missing in the man’s wardrobe. With a shirt you can go in all directions in terms of style. When you combine it with a tie and / or a jacket, your look is business-like in one go. And without a tie, you go through life just fine. Nice with cool jeans or matching trousers. In other words: you are always good with a shirt.

Blazers for men

With a jacket you can easily turn your regular outfit into a neat business outfit. Moreover, a blazer for men can also be worn well as a jacket. In the DJSA Fashion shop you will find various blazers in different colors. This way you will find a matching jacket for every outfit.

Men’s suits

Are you looking for a costume? Then you’ve come to the right place at DJSA Fashion. We have a wide range of men’s suits. In various prints and colors, business and casual, 2-piece and 3-piece. So you will find a suitable men’s suit for every occasion in our webshop.

Trousers and shorts

There are many different types of trousers for men: regular jeans, trousers, sweats, cargo pants and chinos. All very diverse and therefore they all provide a completely different look. This way you decide whether you want to look businesslike or more casual. Combine your pants with a nice shirt, a turtleneck or a hoodie and you look like you can pull through a ring.


Also (neat) shoes should not be missing in the man’s wardrobe. It is often said that women are shoe lovers, but there is also a wide choice for men. You can easily fill a cupboard with it. With your shoes you complete your look and give it a finishing touch. In the DJSA store you will find. Neat derby shoes, but also oxford formal shoes for men. Nice classic shoes for a neat outfit.

Men’s accessories

Accessories are important not only for women, but also for men. You can style your outfit with a neat leather belt, a tie and a nice watch. But caps, hats, sunglasses and scarves are also important accessories for men. Which accessories do you like to wear?

Tips for buying menswear

As a man, it is probably not your greatest hobby to spend hours walking through a shopping street. You just want to shop well and quickly. Fully understand! That is why we give you a number of tips to make buying men’s clothing easier.

Know what you are looking for

First of all, it is important to know what you need. Make sure you check your wardrobe and make a list of everything you need if necessary. This way you can start searching in a targeted way. In addition, it is also useful to have a rough idea of ​​what kind of style and color you are looking for. But don’t pin too much on it. It may be that the color or style you are looking for cannot be found in the current collection, but something similar.

Go for items that you can easily combine

As a man you want to be able to easily choose a nice outfit. Therefore, go for items that you can easily combine. Avoid purchasing items of clothing that you don’t really know how to wear. With a few beautiful basic items in your closet, you have a nice wardrobe with something to match for every occasion. For example, go for a number of standard solid colors, such as light blue. You can combine this color very easily and in many different ways with prints and patterns in pants and blazers.

Know your clothing size

In addition, it is good to know which sizes you wear. This way you immediately pick up the correct sizes from the rack in the store and you know exactly which size to order online. This prevents you from continuing to try on or having to return clothing. Also only buy clothes that fit well. In the end, you probably prefer to leave clothes that are too small or too large.

Be aware of any life changes. In the spring you may train for the summer: do you want to lose weight and / or gain weight. While in the autumn the focus is less on this and during the holidays there is mainly a pleasant meal. Therefore, regularly check the sizes you wear and whether everything still fits properly.

Clothing size guidelines

In principle, we keep the normal European sizes at DJSA Fashion. Still, it can be nice to have a few guidelines to see if a piece of clothing fits you well or not. For example, a shirt must fit really well, otherwise you can immediately see that it is too big or too small. Pay particular attention to the shoulders and sleeves with a shirt, they should not be too tight. A nice guideline is that you must be able to keep two fingers under the cufflink.Pants also require some extra attention. Of course, these should not be too tight. There must be enough space around the crotch and the pants must not touch the soles of the man when he is standing up. In addition, make sure that the pants fit well at the top. Nothing more annoying than pants that drop too far. A belt is not a solution for every loose-fitting garment.

Match the accessories and shoes with your outfit

Another point of attention are the combinations between your outfit and your accessories. For example, never combine a brown belt with black shoes. Always have two of the same colors. That is also the reason why as a man you prefer to buy shoes and a matching belt in one go. In addition, do not be excessive in the number of accessories you wear and combine a maximum of two prints within an outfit.

Shop online

Don’t like shopping? Then order your clothes online. In the DJSA Fashion shop you can find all your necessary items of clothing together at once. This prevents you from having to visit multiple stores to find everything. And you can also fit in at home. Do you not like the garment or does it not fit? Then you just send it back.

Frequently asked questions about men’s fashion

We can imagine that buying menswear raises questions. That is why we have listed the most frequently asked questions for you. From what are the trends to how do you recognize quality.

How do you combine a blazer for men with jeans?

Combining jeans and a blazer is actually very easy. Because a blazer with jeans is always possible. The only question is: what do you want to wear under your blazer? If you want to go for a more casual look today, you could go for a nice shirt under the blazer. Do you prefer a more businesslike look? Then go for a shirt under your jacket.

What are the trends in menswear?

Every season there are new trends in menswear. If you think that is important and it suits you, then it is nice to follow the trends. However, we always say: wear what suits you. Clothing reflects your personality and character. It is therefore much more important that you like and enjoy the garment than that it fits within current trends. And know: a shirt and nice jeans are always good!

What are the best men’s accessories to give as a gift?

In fact, every accessory is suitable as a gift. But the men’s accessories that are often given as gifts are watches and belts. In all cases it is useful to see what the man needs at the moment. For example, if he already has a large collection of belts, he may not want another one.

How do you recognize a suit of quality?

An important question: how do you recognize a quality suit for men? There are more ways to recognize a quality suit. But what is especially important is that the fabric breathes. In addition, the fabric must be soft and strong. Fabrics that match are made from natural materials. It is therefore better to leave a men’s suit made of polyester in the store. Rather go for fabrics such as silk, cotton and wool. Or of course a combination of these. Also look at the current season and adjust the fabric accordingly. This way you avoid choosing a suit that is too thick or too thin.

What are the most popular men’s shoes?

Shoes that always come back in the streets are sneakers on the one hand and neat lace-up shoes on the other. At DJSA Fashion we are mainly a fan of the formal shoes. You will find many neat lace-up shoes in our webshop. These go well with a neat outfit, such as a men’s suit or jeans with a jacket.

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